Whilst living in Argentina in 2017, the land of “the best meat in the world” and asados, we decided to try a plant based diet. Out of necessity we had to make our own burgers because the vegan food in Argentina is limited and not very appealing. We raided our cupboards for beans and started experimenting with making bean burgers. Our first attempt was so good that we made a different flavour the next night and so the idea of Meraki was created.

In 2018 we moved back to SA and started Meraki from our kitchen after our family and friends kept asking to make more of our delicious patties that are packed with unique flavours.

In June we started selling to stores such as Jackson’s and are now supplying Wellness warehouse and Spar’s as well as other restaurants and stores.

We are very passionate about our products which are becoming known for their unique flavours and exceptional quality as well as the fact that they don’t try to replicate meat. We are excited and proud to be a part of a movement towards a more conscious and kinder world.

Meraki Plant-Based Food; gourmet bean based patties .

Cruelty Free

100%Plant Based

No soy

No preservatives

No colourants

No additives

Just fresh ingredients and a whole lotta love!